Terms Of Use

Read carefully the terms and conditions before using the application which our clients and terms and conditions are as the following:

1. The client (who request the service) has to fill the registration form when she use the application. And granted all of the informations that has been provided by the client are true, accurate, complete and fully in force in all of the aspects. If any of these informations change for any reason the client has to update his membership’s informations on the application immediately or inform us right away. And all of the data are acknowledgement by the client that all of the informations are his not someone’s else and it is not reincarnation of any other character, not a fake name or a name that is not authorized to be used. In case of breach the management has the right to precede with (the client who violate this item).

2. If the service provider did not commit with reservation PINK application is not responsible. However, it is our duty to assist you through contacting the service provider to know the reasons behind not committing to the reserved date and try to arrange a new date that suitable for the client.

3. In case of detecting any manipulating in filling any of the informations regarding to reservation the client lose his right to recover any of the money that has been paid and banned his personal account in the application from making any other reservation.

4. It is the client responsibility to not send any articles that violate the law, threats, defame others, discredit them, publish unethical behavior, rise hell or pornographic or any articles that accountable, violate the law, unlawful or not authorised according to the terms and conditions of use.

5. It is the client responsibility to not send any articles against the law, religious, beliefs or morals.

6. PINK application has the right to report any illegal activity that violate Saudi Arabia’s law. And to cooperate with the government orders, PINK application has the right to access the client’s account and any information (personal informations, date of uses and etc) and disclose them if it is necessary.

7. PINK application is considered only to be the intermediary between the service provider and who demand the service and it does not address any other obligation. The service provider has the right to accept or reject any reservation and that has nothing to do with the application.

8. PINK application try to ensure the availability of the customer service at all times however PINK is not responsible if the application is not available due to system failure, maintenance, repair or any other reason that is out of the management application control and that includes network failure that prevent the user to access to his account.

9. The cancellation of bookings depends on the policy of the Salon/Spa on them own page on the application.

10. In case the client did not commit to confirmed reservation three time in a row and additional in what had been mentioned in the fourth item the app management has the right to block the client’s name and prohibited him from using it.

11. The application does not serve, promote or approve any of the services qualities or evaluate any of the provide services.

12. Client is the only responsible of any lose due to any mistake in his listed personal informations. And he is responsible of any misuse of the site. The app management may take any legal or criminal action in case the client done of the following:

13. If he acknowledging send viruses, bad software, other materials, programmer or code that effect the application or its components (or it is been design) to harm the app.

14. All of the services, images, services specification or their prices that has been shown in the app it is only for clarifying and the app management is not responsible for its accuracy or availability. The service provider is the one who responsible for all of his listed services on the app which should be available and described as required.

15. PINK is entitled to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and upon request. Customer must review the terms and conditions before completing the reservation.

16. PINK is a registered trademark owned by Hawsabah Company for Information Technology. No party may use the trademark in any form or copy it or place it in public places or digital media sites unless by written consent from the company owners or the authorizations persons.